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"be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - oscar wilde

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Write what the fans need, not what they want.
- ancient proverb
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The 100 Rewatch (#the100rewatch)

On July 23, we will have exactly 13 weeks to wait until we get a new episode. In order to build up anticipation, I am hosting a rewatch of the first season. We’ve grown a lot as a fandom since the series premiered, and now we have the opportunity to show off to our larger fandom what we liked about all the episodes starting from the beginning.

Each week, starting on July 23, we will focus on a new episode for an entire week , starting with 1.01 “Pilot” (full schedule HERE). To keep this organized and allow everyone to see the works produced from the rewatch, tag #the100rewatch in your first five tagsThis will allow others to track and search the tag so your posts can be seen.

Participation in the rewatch can be done in many different ways including:

  • Talking about the episode (opinions, headcanons, details you didn’t notice before, character development, fangirling over ships, all of that is welcome)
  • Meta about the episode (or the show/ships/characters up to that episode)
  • Reviewing the episode
  • Making GIFs and edits about the episode (favorite moments, quotes, scenes, songs, characters, ships, etc…)
  • Making vids about the episode (or the show up to that episode)
  • Writing fic about the episode (or up to that episode)
  • Whatever else you want to do centered around the week’s current episode.

Follow this blog, the100rewatch, to catch all of the action as it will reblog and catalog posts from the #the100rewatch tag. Submissions will be open here as well.

More information about the rewatch can be found on THIS page and anything not covered there can be directed HERE.

Reblog this post to spread the word. Let's make these thirteen weeks fly by as we re-immerse ourselves in this wonderful show.

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men’s back muscles let you know that god is real


alright guys, this is just a shitty situation, but someone extremely fucked with the results for the most underrated poll so it had to be restarted.

I would really appreciate if you guys could vote for bobbymorleys again (YOU CAN VOTE ON THIS ONE EVEN IF YOU VOTED ON THE LAST ONE), it’s completely restarted

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What have I done. 

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so, In The Flesh has a canonically gay protagonist couple

In Hemlock Grove the two male protagonists had sex

Orange Is The New Black explores the majority of the sexuality and gender spectrum

and jeff davis is asking for praise because he put a random gay character in the background smh

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